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Natural & Easy to wear Closures & Ladies Toupee

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Wigs are almost like cosmetic surgery for your hair without the pain or the cost

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Instant length & volume our finest quality of Remy human hair extensions range

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Long lasting without risk of allergy & discomfort

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Designed in London…Made for the world offering a comprehensive range of Hairpieces & Extensions

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Behind the Brand

Wig-O-Mania is a UK brand that designs, manufactures and promotes a comprehensive range of hairpieces catering to a wide spectrum of the Hair Industry – be it for Fashion or for Necessity Wearers we do them all. Our products are made of the finest quality of either Remy human hair or Japanese high heat fibre, hence affordable to one and all. Our quality befits the European standards.

Our Forte

Wig-O-Mania client’s now have the benefit from an extensive range of hairpieces be it for personal use, ramp walks, photo sessions, medical reasons or just a social occasion.


Ilakya Balaji

Good Evening Mam. Your service is very Excellent.... I am completely satisfied. “Nothing makes a Woman more Beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful “ you make me to feel this .... Thank you so much Mam

Avi Nash

I was first skeptical on going for a wig due to my baldness but wig o mania gave us a neat consultation which improved my confidence. Later during the service it was very comfortable and real. Overall it was a good buy for cost and excellent customer experience. Kudos to aysha and team.

Vignesh Sivakumar

Great service by Aysha and her team. We went for my mother with breast cancer. They get to work right after you step in and work with so much pride and professionalism. My sincere thanks to Aysha and her team and appreciate their work. I’d definitely recommend this place for breast cancer patients

Anil G

1. Aysha Explains everything soo good that we il have a clear idea about the product. She make things very easy for the customer to chose thr product. 2. Product quality is very good and natural. 3. The showroom is very clean, they maintain great hygiene. 4.Overall a great Experience. Thanks Aysha.


Wigomania From the start to the end, the amount of detailing and explanation which went through in me choosing the product, to its upkeep and then it's maintenance was phenomenal. Aysha , the store manager made sure that I understood everything so that I would end up loving the product, instead of hating it. I recommend this store along with all its staff. Thank you.

Sam Shaik

Its a great exp at WIG -O - MANIA getting my confidence back, which i lost due to hair fall. Management gives gd support over customers. specially they were taking precuations and planning over COVID -19, while entering itself will sanitize and check fr temperature without any physical contact and maintaining social distancing . Its really impressive . Thank you aiysha mam and your team ..

Sudharshan Vijayan

Absolutely awsm they have great work method as well as realistic product with an excellent customer service .. especially store director Ayesha who deals a client with pleasure and supports even after the process . Thank you so much

Naveen Boxee

I went for my relatives to this shop. Let. Customer friendly they explained each and every thing politely and clearly until customer understands.. They come up with quality product and value for money.. fully satisfied...

Saadhiya Kafilla

This is the best place that yu can get back your confidence ❤️😎 very friendly people.super duper happy

Arun Kumar

Am really happy. Nice. Very nice. Good.. Super. I never seen such a good experience in wig o mania. I done hair replacement hear today... I love those assist me thank you. I gave 5 star

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